Room Additions

Sometimes our houses don’t quite fill all of our needs anymore, but it’s still home and we don’t want to move. Perhaps your master bedroom is too small, but a new master suite would make all the difference. Or you’re an artist, and just plain need space you don’t have. And, yes, that new family room can become that gathering space that would truly make your house the home of your dreams!

Whatever it is you need that requires more space, Thompson’s can help. We’ve built everything from large master suites to artist studios to room extensions that just plain gave some needed elbow room. From basic budgets to the more extravagant.

Our philosophy is: Make that new room belong to your home like it was always meant to be there. When I see an addition that was poorly conceived and/or poorly constructed, I cringe because it’s unnecessary. Whether you’re adding 80 square feet or 800, your new space should flow with your home. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to add some elements your home hasn’t had, it just means it fits well. Plus there’s a room addition or extension for every budget. What is it you think that your home just can’t do without?

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