Outdoor Living

When the weather gets warm, we want to… Go outside! In Prescott, decks and patios are a natural part of our home’s exterior. Whether you have 100 square feet of deck or 1000 square feet of covered patio space, that’s where we gravitate to when the days warm up. Bar-b-ques, fire pits, benches, chaise lounges; the uses and choices are endless. With your outdoor space, the only thing limiting you is your imagination and budget. How do you, or how would you like to, use your home’s exterior space? How can it be better and make you want to spend more time there?

When I look at the outdoor space around a home, I view the natural landscape and terrain. How would a deck or patio best fit? On one project, we built a deck right around a large oak tree, which became the focal point for the deck space. And on another, we formed the deck right around large boulders in the yard. What outdoor element do you have to capitalize upon? Or does an uninteresting area need enhancement?

At Thompson’s, we specialize in decks, patios, and other outdoor spaces. We look at your yard space and the natural terrain and will work with you to create that magical spot in the sun. And if there’s a way we can help your project better fit your budget, we’ll make suggestions accordingly. Mainly our goal is for you to have a comfortable space you can enjoy and be proud to entertain in.

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