About Us

Meet the experienced remodeling team At Thompson's

Thompson’s Remodeling Specialists, LLC, was established by Doug & Karen Thompson in Prescott, Arizona, in 1995. Our focus then and now is to create room additions and quality remodels that are worthy of your dreams. We don’t build new homes, we simply focus on building the best room additions and remodels in Prescott.

What makes us different? We listen. To your ideas and concepts, to your dreams. We won’t tell you what you want, but we’ll show you how to get there. Our focus is to interpret your dreams, and convert them to reality. We use our experience and creativity to help you get where you want to go, at a price that won’t break your piggy bank.

The Team:

Karen is the spiritual leader, bookkeeper, and office detail person extraordinaire. Organization is her specialty. There’s a place for everything, and Karen knows where that place is and makes it all work. When you call Thompson’s, her unmistakably friendly voice is bound to answer, and she’ll make you feel glad you called.

Curtis Wilson is the son and project manager, and delivers more energy than any one person rightfully should possess. He has been performing important building and rebuilding tasks for nearly 3 decades now. He believes in building things strong, like they used to be and still should be. His grasp of the needs of any project are quick and to the point, and then just stay out of the way while he gets it done!

Doug has been remodeling for over 40 years, and loves to transform the ugly duckling into the sparkling princess. His passion is to take ideas and put them into practice. If you need thinking outside the box, he can do it without leaving you into left field. Every now and then you’ll see him in the field finishing up those details every job needs done just so.

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